Dave Ulrich, Professor, Ross School of Management, University of Michigan, Author of “Leadership Sustainability
"Canfield and Chee have crafted the standard for anyone wanting to be an effective coach. Their actionable and timeless wisdom shows up through principles, questions, quotes, cases, and tools that will enable any aspiring coach to achieve their aspirations. Anyone being coached should make sure that their coach knows and follows these standards.”
"After years of working as an executive coach, I slowly came to the realization that knowing the answers to the tough questions wasn't as important as knowing the right questions to ask in the first place. This book provides just such resources. Read it and enter the pantheon of great coaches!"
Kerry Patterson, four-time New York Times bestselling author of Crucial Conversations
Thomas G. Crane, author of “The heart of Coaching-Using Transformational Coaching to Create a High Performance Coaching Culture
"Coaching for Breakthrough Success masterfully shares extremely powerful questions, the heart of professional coaching approaches. The Situational Coaching Model combined with the wonderfully long, and comprehensive list in many chapters will dramatically inform your coaching and empower your clients. This is a ‘must have’ for any professional coach who wants to take their clients to new heights of understanding and transform their effectiveness. Extremely well done!"
"Coaching for Breakthrough Success is the most exciting and innovative book on the art of coaching to come along in years. Using their Six Paradigms of Situational Coaching, Canfield and Chee show step by step how anyone, anywhere can assist others in improving performance, and achieving personal satisfaction in life."
Robert B. Tucker, innovation expert and author of “Innovation is Everybody’s Business
Brian Tracy, author of over 58 books in 38 languages
"This powerful, practical book gives you the tools and strategies you need to be an excellent business and executive coach, to help your clients in every area, and to build your coaching business profitably."
William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR, Professor, The Pennsylvania State University and Author of over 80 books
"Coaching is one of those terms that is thrown around on nearly a daily basis in modern management circles. But what does coaching mean? What should people do to make coaching effective? Why is coaching so valuable? These otherwise vague questions are insightfully answered in this outstanding book."
"Coaching for Breakthrough Success” contains practical techniques to help you engage the hearts and minds of your people and inspire them to realize their fullest potential."
Christopher Goh Soon Keat, Director, Global Learning and Leadership Development, Agilent Technologies Singapore (International) Pte Ltd
Nick Jonsson, General Director, Sophie Paris
"Coaching for Breakthrough Success has had a profound effect on me, as well as the people in my workplace. My team has told me that since studying Jack and Peter’s book I have become a better listener, communicator and leader. The decisions we now make are our decisions, and my staff are taking more ownership of the work they do. My career development has come on leaps and bounds after I applied what I learned from this book."
Dr. Peter Chee and ITD World have provided innovative and effective leadership and talent development solutions to Intel for various groups and factories for many years and I must say that we have achieved outstanding breakthrough results. I can say simply that ITD world is the best leadership and talent development expert.
- Lau Chze Tat, Former Factory Managing Director, Intel Vnat
ITD World has delivered excellence in all the projects. Your teams have delivered outstanding results for us and you serve from the heart to really make a big difference to our leaders. ITD World team, you are truly the best leadership development strategic partner.
- Dr. Agapol Na Songkla - Global Chief People Officer, Thai Bev Group
The 12 months executive coaching experience with ITD World has been absolutely outstanding. I have been able to achieve business turnaround, exceed all KPIs and achieve holistic wellness and happiness for sustainable success. I am deeply grateful for such an amazing life changing journey.
- Vishal Kaul, Former General Manager - Pepsico
Amazing! Spending two full days in coaching techniques for breakthrough results workshop with the world’s leading coach, Dr. Peter Chee. Best workshop I ever had. Salute to my greatest coach.
- Dr. Karndee Leopairote, Managing Director - C Asean
ITD World has worked with me and my team over several years to develop the entire group of our senior and top level leaders at Intel PGAT factory. The results are outstanding and our breakthrough goals realized.
- Thomas Soo, Former General Manager, Intel Technology
100%- Excellent, Dr. Peter is the best coach and trainer I ever met.
- Ahmad Jais, Senior Management - TDM Bhd.
Peter is fantastically inspiring.
- V. Vangamani, Senior Director - Smart Modular Technologies
Dr. Peter Chee trained many of our the leaders at PMPC, Petronas Group and the results are most satisfying. Breakthrough goals are realized and the whole organization goes to a higher level.
- Akhbar Md Thayoob, Former CEO Petlin - Petronas Group