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Power Speaking

Connecting At Head & Heart Level For MAXIMUM Results

Over the last three decades, we have been actively involved in conducting courses and workshops in well-known local and international organizations particularly in leadership development, presenting skills and in coaching and mentoring disciplines. We have noticed a common trait among course participants: whilst they excel in providing creative solutions in various case studies, many are challenged when called upon to give an oral presentation on these solutions. There is a general reluctance to make presentations, and for many of those who do, there is a clear need to develop the ability to speak with confidence, clarity and conviction.

Time and time again we see the 'Don'ts' of effective speaking being played out. There is avoidance of eye contact, a fumbling with words leading to speech distractors – the "umms", "aahs", "errrs" to name a few, being repeatedly used. We see constant looking at notes and talking towards flip-charts, a failure to engage the audience. It is indeed disappointing that this one vital aspect of professional development – the ability to articulate well and give high-impact presentations – is so lacking in many.

On the positive side, we have been encouraged to see positive changes in numerous professionals who have attended ITD World's course on Effective Speaking and Presentation Skills. They are better able to articulate and present with poise and professionalism. They complete the course with the conviction that there has to be constant practice, and that success will only come to those who do the right thing and those who persevere.

We cannot over-emphasize enough the importance of being able to speak and present well. There are constant demands on today's leaders and managers to speak with impact in:

  • Team Meetings
  • Client, Investor and Government Presentations
  • Operational Briefings
  • Company Events
  • Product Launches
  • Project Progress Reports
  • Community Functions
  • Group Coaching and Mentoring
  • Training, Facilitation and Motivational Talks

In order to produce a book that will effectively help you we have drawn from lessons learnt from the iconic masters of speaking and presenting, masters like John C. Maxwell, Steven Covey, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy to name a few. We have studied their styles, principles and techniques in workshops and training sessions; We have applied what we have found to be most effective in our corporate training programs and we have seen the difference it has made on us and our participants. In books like 'Presenting To Win' (Jerry Weissman), we have gathered expert guidance on developing the right story (Content) and the importance of speaking with the audience's interests in mind. From Carmine Gallo's 'The Presentation Secrets Of Steve Jobs', we have learnt the skilful use of power-point, show-and-tell techniques and the need for constant, rigorous practice for power presentations.

We desire to reach out and share our experience and knowledge with a much wider audience, to the many out there who fear to speak before an audience, or think they lack the ability to do so. Power speaking can be learned! This book shows you the way.

Edwin Johnson is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of 26 years service in the Malaysian Ordnance Corps, an integral part of the Armed Forces Logistics service. He is a certified trainer in Essential Coaching and Mentoring Skills and is a Master Trainer for John C. Maxwell's 360 Degree Leader and Developing the Leader Within You. A most memorable experience for him as a trainer in ITD Wrold was when he presented a paper at the Asian Regional Training and Development Organization (ARTDO) in 2010 on the importance of leadership in today's business world.

Dr. Peter Chee is the President and CEO of ITD World (The Institute of Training and Development), a leading multinational corporation for Human Resource Development. With Dr. Chee's leadership contribution of more than 27 years, ITD World has established itself as a global learning solutions expert.