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Becoming an Effective Mentoring Leader
Proven Strategies for Building Excellence
in Your Organization

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Becoming an Effective Mentoring Leader

Proven Strategies for Building Excellence in Your Organization
Turn mentoring into PROFITS

Whether they need to boost productivity, increase profits, or both—executives are relying more heavily upon mentorship programs for employees in order to improve performance. As a management strategy, it's a critical tool leaders can use to connect with the workforce, troubleshoot, and build teams.

And leaders who mentor make more money, get promoted more quickly, and enjoy greater career success than leaders who don't mentor.

Can you afford to be out of that loop when your workforce needs guidance?

If you've ever considered mentoring—or wanted to know more about it—this volume will show you exactly how to incorporate it into your day-to-day leadership activities for maximum effect.

This comprehensive guidebook is packed with essential information on all aspects of mentoring, featuring everything from fundamentals and case studies to actual worksheets and handouts you can use with employees.

Based on the award-wining materials used by Dr. Rothwell and ITD World in their professional certification and global learning solutions, Becoming an Effective Mentoring Leader is the cutting edge mentoring resource that is a must have.

Latest in a series from bestselling author (and head of the #1-ranked graduate program for Human Resource Development in the U.S.) William Rothwell, and global learning expert Dr. Peter Chee, with Colin Tan and Dr. Low Hun Seng, it's the ultimate resource for any manager who wants to understand and implement mentoring effectively for outstanding results.

There's no doubt that the concept of workplace mentoring is a hot-button issue facing management today. With managers under extraordinary pressure to cut costs, streamline operations, and increase productivity, the role of mentors has become more critical than ever—particularly since studies show leaders who mentor get promoted faster and earn significantly more than those who don't.

But as with any growing workplace trend, questions remain about how to utilize mentoring so you get tangible and profitable results. This book, from two of the world's foremost experts on business learning and employee development, answers those questions.

Becoming an Effective Mentoring Leader breaks down the essentials of mentoring, and shows you how to take advantage of this valuable new workplace dynamic. You'll learn:

  • The smartest way to incorporate mentoring into your day-to-day leadership role

  • The fastest way to equip, inspire, and motivate your staff

  • The differences between mentoring, coaching, and teaching

  • How you as a leader can rate the mentors in your office – and assess the progress of mentees

Using case studies, tools, and impactful learning concepts, the authors show you how to use mentoring's "core skills" to create a winning approach tailored to your own style, be it the "reflective mentor", the "storytelling mentor", or "the example-based mentor". The book also features several appendices and FAQs, handouts, and worksheets to gauge competencies among mentors and mentees, and a blueprint with steps to set up one's own companywide program.

As today's biggest industry leaders continue to recognize the profound effect mentoring has on performance and profitability, there's never been a better time to put this book's essential tools to work for you.

William J. Rothwell, PhD., SPHR is President of Rothwell and Associates, Inc., and professor of Human Resource Development at Pennsylvania State University. He is a bestselling and award winning author with over 80 books, and his STAR model for strategic succession planning is a global best-practice standard, as is his work on knowledge transfer and on the manager's daily role in talent management.

Dr. Peter Chee is the President and CEO of ITD World, a global learning solutions expert with over 26 years experience in developing leaders from over 80 countries. He is a chief mentor coach and master trainer of Jack Canfield and John Maxwell programs, the inventor of the Situational Coaching Model (SCM), co-author of Coaching for Breakthrough Success with Jack Canfield, and the co-author of The Twelve Disciplines of Leadership Excellence with Brian Tracy.

With Colin Tan and Dr. Low Hun Seng